Katie and Jake

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Elizabeth and Barret Wedding Highlights Video: Saint Louis

Wedding Videographer Patrick Fisher St. Louis, MO

Had a blast with Elizabeth and Barret. Not only were they super cool and fun to shoot, they had several of my favorite wedding vendor friends working as well.  It’s always a pleasure working with a team like this: Shelli from Alred Weddings, Abbie of Abbie Takes Pictures and my old pal Quain with Rockstar DJs.  All this while working at the always amazing Coronado Ballroom helmed by Rob Schaefer. Thanks for a great day all, and congratulations to Elizabeth and Barret.


Patrick Fisher 10 year wedding videographer veteran patrickfishervideo.com

Sarah and Jay short wedding teaser video St. Louis

Wedding Videographer Patrick Fisher St. Louis,MO

I only spent a couple of hours with Sarah and Jay on their wedding day, but what a day it was. They had a lovely ceremony at Pilgrim UCC with a reception and the very cool Boo Cat Club. I had never shot at either place and I always enjoy new locations. Anyway, these two really had some dance moves.


Patrick Fisher 10 year wedding videographer veteran patrickfishervideo.com

Family Portraits Karrie Tyler and Sue

The weather was perfect yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed the morning by capturing some family portraits with these three.  Faust Park is probably one of my favorite locations.  We started near the Old Governor’s Mansion and then made our way over to the historic village.




I’ll be sitting down and working with all of the photos tomorrow, but I wanted to share just a few.  IMG_1469

Patrick Fisher 10 year wedding videographer veteran patrickfishervideo.com
Lauren and Erik

Finding Your Wedding Day Videographer

For this post I’m going to start by referring you all to an article on theknot.com (we all know The Knot).  This is an article about a brides, biggest wedding day regrets.  Guess what jumps out first, not hiring a professional videographer.  You can find the article here:  Brides’ Biggest Wedding Regrets.  Now that we know this, how do we go about finding the right videographer.

First, think about your event and the style of video you are looking for.  Ask your friends if they used a videographer and if they were happy with them, put their name on your short list.  Google is also a good way to locate local wedding videographers.  Watch their samples and pick a few people you like.

You should have a list of the people producing the work you like.  Now it’s time to contact them.  Your first contact with a videographer should be to first, check their availability for your date and next to get an idea of their packages and pricing.  Now, you have a list of videographers whose style you like, that have availability for your wedding date, and fit in to your budget.

Now, you probably have a few more questions before pulling the trigger and booking your wedding videographer.  I often talk to couple that just really don’t know where to begin with the questions.  This is something you only do once in a lifetime.  I typically like to go through what a standard wedding day is like for me.  I explain how many hours I usually work. I like to go through certain things I need to get shots of.  I also like to fully explain my audio recording set up and how important it is to your finished wedding video.  I also like to find out if I know any of the other vendors I will be working with (ie. Do I know the still photographer or DJ?).  Knowing the other vendors isn’t necessary, but you will know that everyone will know how to work with one another.

Now, you should have picked a videographer you like.  Now it’s time to sign the contract and pay the deposit.  All Done!  Check hire videographer off of your wedding to do list.

Patrick Fisher 10 year wedding videographer veteran patrickfishervideo.com

Don’t Panic! Here are a Few Wedding Photo / Video Location Ideas for St. Louis

Saint Louis, the River City, it’s our home or at least our hometown and we love it and it’s long rich history.  I could go on and on about our wonderful cities’ under appreciated assets, but that’s not what I’m writing about today.  Today, I’d like to help give you some ideas about where to take your wedding day photos and video.  Probably the two most important things to consider when trying to decide on your photo location(s) are location and time.  You definitely don’t want to spend half the time you budgeted for photos and video to be spent on the limo bus.  With that in mind, I will try and spread these location ideas throughout the St. Louis area.  This will be no where near a comprehensive list and you photographer and videographer should already be familiar with these locations.  Which is great, because they will have their own ideas about how they like to shoot at these spots.

5 Popular Wedding Photo Video Spots Around St. Louis

I’m going to jump right in with one of my favorite spots.

Faust Park, Chesterfield


photo by: Krista B Photography


photos by: Dr3am Photography



I don’t get to shoot here as much as I like, but if you’re getting married in the Chesterfield area, this park has enough variety to shoot all of your wedding day photos, which is great if you’re short on time.  Here’s What Faust Park has to offer:

The Historic Village

The historic Village is representation of a village from the mid 19th to the early 20th century.  Beautiful rustic photos can be taken here.

-Governor’s Mansion and Out Buildings

Across the park from the Historic Village is the Old Governors Mansion.  It’s a beautiful old mansion with a nice porch.  The area is well wooded and supplies ample shade for nice even light.  Surrounding the mansion are several out buildings (Barns and Sheds).


Lafayette Park / Square


photos by:  Choice Jade Photography

3Choice Jade

2Choice Jade 1Choice Jade

Lafayette Park and the nearby Square have a lot to offer a wedding party looking for a photography and videography location.  This park is smaller than the very popular Forest Park but it still offers numerous locations for your photo / video session.  Lafayette Park is located near Downtown and easy to get to from both I64 and I44.  Lafayette Park has a foot bridge which is popular for photos.  You can shoot on the foot bridge then take a stroll below where there is a lovely pond and foliage.  There is also a Gazebo, if you’re lucky it won’t be booked for a private event and you’ll be able to shoot there.  This park is full of beaytiful foliage and it’s small enough to stroll around and find some very unique spots.

After shooting at the park head on to lafayette Square for some beautiful urban scenery.  Cafes, Shops, lots of brick and typically not too crowded.


Most any of the hotels couples use for their wedding day have great spots they will let you use as long as you are a guest.  Remember though, you must be a hotel guest for them to allow you to use their property for your portraits.  Two hotels that jump out in my mind are the Chase Park Plaza (CWE) and Ritz Carlton (Clayton)

The Gardens at SIUE



photo by: unknown from SIUE website


photo by: unknown from SIUE Pinterest

Gardens at SIUE Gazebo 7_14_09 Bill


photo by: Willis Illuminations


One of my more recent favorite spots are The Gardens at SIUE.  I especially love this spots when shooting Illinois weddings.  The Gardens are complete with lovely wooded foot paths.  A handful of pedestrian bridges and a beautiful gazebo like lookout over a pond (or is it a small lake?).  Fall foliage can be breath taking here!

Forest Park

photos by: Forest Park Forever Instagram




All of this brings us to St. Louis’ most popular stop for wedding parties.  That’s right Forest Park.  The Crown Jewel of St. Louis.  Rivaling New York’s Central Park in size and beauty.  Unlike Lafayette Park, Forest Park is just too massive and way too busy.  Make sure you go in with a little forethought and a map.  Also, if you’re getting married during peak season be prepared to either wait for a desired spot in the park or move on.  The really nice thing about Forest Park is that there are usually great opportunites to shoot pictures nearby while waiting your turn for a popular location.  Great spots (also popular) include the Muny, The Gazebo at the Muny, The Grand Basin, and the Worlds Fair Pavilion.  Of course this is just a short list, Forest park is really one big Photo Opportunity.

While this is in no way meant to be a comprehensive list of locations it should spark some ideas and start a discussion with your photographer and videographer.

Patrick Fisher 10 year wedding videographer veteran patrickfishervideo.com