Finding Your Wedding Day Videographer

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For this post I’m going to start by referring you all to an article on (we all know The Knot).  This is an article about a brides, biggest wedding day regrets.  Guess what jumps out first, not hiring a professional videographer.  You can find the article here:  Brides’ Biggest Wedding Regrets.  Now that we know this, how do we go about finding the right videographer.

First, think about your event and the style of video you are looking for.  Ask your friends if they used a videographer and if they were happy with them, put their name on your short list.  Google is also a good way to locate local wedding videographers.  Watch their samples and pick a few people you like.

You should have a list of the people producing the work you like.  Now it’s time to contact them.  Your first contact with a videographer should be to first, check their availability for your date and next to get an idea of their packages and pricing.  Now, you have a list of videographers whose style you like, that have availability for your wedding date, and fit in to your budget.

Now, you probably have a few more questions before pulling the trigger and booking your wedding videographer.  I often talk to couple that just really don’t know where to begin with the questions.  This is something you only do once in a lifetime.  I typically like to go through what a standard wedding day is like for me.  I explain how many hours I usually work. I like to go through certain things I need to get shots of.  I also like to fully explain my audio recording set up and how important it is to your finished wedding video.  I also like to find out if I know any of the other vendors I will be working with (ie. Do I know the still photographer or DJ?).  Knowing the other vendors isn’t necessary, but you will know that everyone will know how to work with one another.

Now, you should have picked a videographer you like.  Now it’s time to sign the contract and pay the deposit.  All Done!  Check hire videographer off of your wedding to do list.

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Patrick Fisher 10 year wedding videographer veteran

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